🎬Map of the World...
but the 10 biggest cities (by population)/highest mountains/most popular points of interest of each country are the 10 most Wikipedia'ed films set in that country.

"Wikipedia'ed" is quantified by daily average page views between June 19, 2015--June 19, 2019


The dataset used to create this map was scraped from the English Wikipedia using the Wikipedia API.

Complete list of films set in each country was gathered from thousands of Wikipedia film pages, including short films and documentary films, under hundreds of "Films set in X" (where X is a country/city/state, etc.) categories and subcategories on Wikipedia.

Average daily page views between June 19, 2015–June 19, 2019 was used to determine top 10 or fewer films. Since one film can be set in various countries, repeating occurrences of films were included on the map.


The unprocessed and final datasets are available on GitHub.

🍮 Inspired and heavily influenced by the People Map of the US by The Pudding.

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